1ClickFactory prides itself on the outstanding free and payable support service options we provide to Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Our approach is to strive to help Partners being successful without nickel and diming you for each hour of support needed. Therefore, our 48 hours response support service (during business days) is absolutely free to our Partners.

Do you require faster response times? No problem. We also offer our Partners the option to upgrade to faster response support, for an additional fixed fee.

In a recent survey of our Partners that have used 1ClickFactory Support Services, 93% of respondents rated our support response times as excellent or good overall. Additionally, 96% of respondents rated the value and context of the support answers/responses as excellent or good in total.

Moreover, Partners also provided the following comments about their experience using 1ClickFactory’s Support Services:
Very helpful & quick response to urgent request for potential customer demo environment. Thank you.”
I really appreciate the team's flexibility. For example, we were able to modify the content of the CfMD workshop to meet our immediate needs, and the team worked with us to expedite our CfMD software test process.”

To maintain our responsive Support Services, we use a ticketing system to register all incidents, monitor the response time and manage the communication with our Partners on the incidents. To register an incident, please email us at service@1clickfactory.com.

Project Support Services for Partners

For all services that are considered projects, such as upgrades, development, localization and CfMD, the support we offer as part of these services is warranty support.

Warranty support commences after the final delivery of the project and includes 3 months of service support for each project, where we provide solutions to questions related to the project within 48 hours during working days. If needed, warranty support can be extended beyond the included 3 months, as an ongoing payable service.

Go-Live Support for Partners

In relation to projects involving a Go-live event, where partners want 1ClickFactory to be on standby while the customer transitions to a live environment, 1ClickFactory offers Go-Live Support. The price of this service depends on whether the Go-Live event is scheduled during working days or over a weekend. This service is offered as an add-on to our Upgrade Services or as part of our Microsoft Azure Service, when requested.

Online Support Services for Partners

For our online services, such as 1ClickFactory Self-Provisioning for NAV on Microsoft Azure, Code transformation, Data transformation for NAV, or CfMD Self-Test for NAV, we provide a standard 48 hour business days response time, on incidents included in the services for free. As this is part of our portal services, no extra agreement is needed, just accepting our terms and conditions when registering for portal services grants you access to these Online Support Services.

For our online services, we have continuous monitoring of our online platform (24/7), which is also part of the service with no additional billing.

If you need faster response times, expedited Online Support Services can be bought as an additional service. We operate with 2 levels:

  • Level 1: 4 hours response time
  • Level 2: 1 hour response time

Please request consultation, if you require an estimate for our Express Online Support Services.

Self-Service Support

For Self-Service Support, please access our FAQs knowledge base here.