Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 came pre-packed with Extensions and thereafter, in December 2016, Microsoft announced Extension 2.0. Extensions, how to develop them and how to use Visual Studio Code will be a game changer for anyone who wants to participate in Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV business in the future. Microsoft not only pushes Extensions and Events driven development over old-school customizations, but also Extensions are now the only way to have your solution on Dynamics 365. Extensions will also dramatically reduce maintenance and distribution efforts for your solution.

2 days getting hands-on Extensions

During a 1ClickFactory-designed, two-day Extensions 2.0 development for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central workshop, developers will get acquainted with the general concepts of creating NAV Extensions in Visual Studio Code. This extensive workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to Extensions
  • How/When to use Extensions (as a consultant)
  • Events-driven NAV Development
  • Mindset for NAV Extensions development
  • Developing extensions for on-premises vs D365
  • Overview of AL development language (and differences from C/AL) with NAV Development
  • Setting up an environment for Group Development of Extensions 2.0
  • NAV development server
  • Visual Studio Code o Source control for Visual Studio Code o Customize Visual Studio code for NAV development
  • Hands-on Extensions 2.0 development
  • Extension Manifest and packaging additional resources to extension
  • Data handling when an extension is installed
  • Development with Extensions 2.0 toolkit:
    Web services o Working with files (Text, XML, JSON) o Customize visual elements
  • Reports
  • Azure functions for .NET replacement
  • Best practices for building modern user experience in Dynamics NAV
  • Case Scenario 2: Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV C\AL code to Extensions 2.0 in Visual Studio Code AL language o Using Dynamics NAV
  • PowerShell toolkit for working with NAV objects o Using txt2al C/AL to AL code conversion too
  • Refactoring code not handled by automatic conversion o Designing and building data migration from an add-on to extension
  • How to get ready for Microsoft AppSource 

Requirements for attendees: It is a prerequisite for participants to have at least 3 years of C/AL Development experience, to understand the concept of events and to be familiar with Extensions 1.0.

Workshop outcome: Participants will leave the workshop with a clear view on how to add functionality to Microsoft Dynamics deployment by building extensions for NAV.

Get ahead and start investing in your Extensions knowledge today!

It is your way to enhance NAV and to differentiate in the market.

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