Service available to order until September 30th EOD, 2020

Reduced Cost, Rapid Testing Speed & 24/7 Access

With the release of Dynamics NAV 2015, Microsoft introduced a new option for ISVs to complete the CfMD Software Solution Test for a substantially lower cost by running the Software Solution Self-Test at 1ClickFactory’s Testing Center. Within the first year of its release, more than 250 ISVs successfully used 1ClickFactory CfMD Self-Test for NAV

Important: Please read the latest announcement / blog from Microsoft on the changed requirements and benefits related to CfMD before you sign up with 1ClickFactory. CfMD Self-Test is C/AL solutions only, and if you have a solution which is designed in AL code and based upon the current version of the Business Central SaaS Service, you can use the AppSource validation test as a substitution of the SST.

Why Use 1ClickFactory CfMD Self-Test for Business Central on-premises?

  • Friendly pricing: 1150 USD/890 EUR.
  • Enjoy Rapid Testing Speed: Our 1ClickFactory CfMD Self-Test for Business Central on-premises only takes 1 week to return results upon submission.  
  • Retest Without Additional Fee: Receive 5 test attempts to use within three months, with no additional fees.
  • Access Test Data 24/7: Review the test status, actions required and test comments in one central location that is 24/7 available.
  • Microsoft Azure Experience as an Option: In case you choose Microsoft Azure as a location to deliver your solution for 1ClickFactory CfMD Self-Test for Business Central on-premises, you will get a free environment that you may use to test how your solution runs on Microsoft Azure.

Important notes:

To start your solution CfMD Self-Certification process, please request the Self-Test and proceed with the payment. 

Passing the Software Solution Self-Test is one of two key requirements to achieve Certified for Microsoft Business Central on-premises accreditation. For more details on the remaining requirements, please check Microsoft's PartnerSource.

Save even more by paying for this service in Clicks! 1ClickFactory’s CfMD Self-Test for Business Central on-premises costs 89 Clicks, which ranges from 543 to 881 EUR depending upon the amount of Clicks you buy. The more you buy, the more you save! Check out our Clicks' pricing here.

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Useful materials

File name
Software Solution Test Guidelines for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on-premises.pdf Download
1ClickFactory CfMD Documentation Toolkit for Business Central(Last edited_06 August, 2019).zip Download
CfMD Process Guide v3.0 1905-01.pdf Download