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Don’t go solo - let’s rock it together!

Are you seeking a smooth certification with minimal involvement of your internal staff? Let our experienced CfMD project managers take the full project management scope off your plate. 1ClickFactory can lead your team through the entire CfMD preparation and validation process, so you don't have to spend time on research and investigation of certification requirements, documentation preparation, customer evidence collection, or communication with the certification institution.

Why use 1ClickFactory CfMD Project Management?

  • Experience: 1ClickFactory CfMD program specialists have successfully completed a number of CfMD projects for ISVs, and have invaluable CfMD knowledge and best practices.
  • Time saving: 1ClickFactory can take over the responsibility for preparation and acquisition of CfMD, so you don't need to divert your internal staff from other projects.
  • Flexibility: 1ClickFactory CfMD Project Management includes a variety of services, such as supervising the entire CfMD acquisition process, consulting your team about CfMD requirements, preparing CfMD documentation, and creating solution suggestions. You can choose which services to include in your CfMD project management package, so you only pay for the services you need.
  • Fixed price: Our fixed price guarantee reduces risk and allows you to better manage CfMD acquisition costs.
  • CfMD guarantee: 1ClickFactory will work with ISV until a solution is certified. (Prerequisite: ISV has to satisfy all the recommendations they receive from 1ClickFactory.)

1ClickFactory CfMD Project Management Process: Three Steps to Success

How to start?

Please contact your 1ClickFactory local office or request a call with CfMD Representative to discuss the certification assistance model that best fits your solution.