Partner Case Story, 2012


HORTUS Digital, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading provider of next-generation multi-service Microsoft-based SaaS solutions in the Baltics. The company was established in Latvia in 2000 and is focused on complex IT solutions and services. The partner asked 1ClickFactory WebServices to create a web solution to synchronize data over a WAN from remote desktop clients to a central SQL database. By partnering with 1ClickFactory WebServices, the partner realized a high-quality outcome of the project and experienced a very professional approach to the partnership itself.


HORTUS Digital chose 1ClickFactory WebServices because they had worked with 1ClickFactory specialists on Microsoft Dynamics development projects in the past and experienced outstanding service and collaboration. "1ClickFactory demonstrates a focused expertise in both Dynamics solutions upgrades as well as web-solutions development, which gave us the confidence to outsource our upgrade project to this company," states Didzis Shimis, Executive Director of HORTUS Digital.

1ClickFactory WebServices created a component for HORTUS Digital that synchronizes data over the WAN from remote desktop clients to a central SQL database. Microsoft Sync Service 2.1 is used as the engine for the solution. In addition, background checks were implemented to validate data during transfer and to prevent duplicate entries. As a result, the synchronization process now runs automatically and supports multiple clients.


By taking advantage of 1ClickFactory WebServices development expertise, the partner experienced a clean and reliable implementation, smooth communication during the project and has been able to maintain focus on its core competencies by leveraging an outsourcing partner focused specifically on such a task.

Additionally, 1ClickFactory WebServices offered a fixed project price, providing the partner with a huge advantage that, according to Mr. Shimis, price enabled HORTUS Digital to accurately budget for project costs. In addition, the project plan was clear from the beginning and partner was aware of all the steps of the project, thus creating a very trustful atmosphere. Mr. Shimis summarizes, "We were impressed by the very professional approach that 1ClickFactory WebServices took to the partnership, which is a key in every partnership."

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