Partner Case Story, 2011

1ClickFactory WebServices Expands Partner Development Capacity to Provide Quality Services and Enriched Output


Codehouse, based in Copenhagen, operates at the intersection of business logic, strategy, and Web-based technologies. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a strategic focus on the Microsoft .NET Framework. For more than 10 years, the company has focused on development work and Microsoft technologies with IT projects. Codehouse has experience with very complex, global solutions working with some of the largest organizations in Denmark. As a company, they pride themselves on keeping track when one thousand loose threads need to be assembled into a coherent network that adds real value to an organization.

The company needed expanded web development resources in a timely manner. Although they had been working with developers from other outsourcing companies, ultimately Codehouse wanted a more firm and committed partnership than they had previously found. Since web developers in Denmark are in short supply, they looked to Lithuania and 1ClickFactory WebServices for their web development needs.


Codehouse was looking to form a strategic partnership with an outsourcing partner, something more than just the typical freelance relationship they had experienced with other outsourcing companies in the past.

The company chose 1ClickFactory WebServices, an outsourcing web-based solutions development partner, focused on web development that uses ASP.NET, Windows Azure platform and other Microsoft technologies. Other areas of 1ClickFactory WebServices expertise are websites based on content management systems (CMS) Sitecore and Umbraco for building and deployment. 1ClickFactory uses the Agile development (scrum) approach for managing development projects as well as Test-Driven Development methodology to ensure high quality services.

Codehouse chose 1ClickFactory WebServices for a number of reasons. Firstly, Lithuania has a reputation in Eastern Europe for its educated, competent workforce. In addition, the capital city of Vilnius is just one hour ahead of Denmark, making communication as well as the foundation for a solid partnership easy and immediate. But most importantly, 1ClickFactory is staffed with a WebServices team of dedicated, skilled, and efficient web developers.

Working together with Codehouse, 1ClickFactory WebServices implemented the visual component development for several website projects. During the projects, 1ClickFactory WebServices worked solely through Codehouse. In this way, ownership, accountability, and lines of communication were clear: Codehouse always remained the owner and primary contact for its customers.

Collaborating with 1ClickFactory WebServices, Codehouse achieved outstanding results. The company found that close cooperation and attention to quality are hallmarks of a partnership with 1ClickFactory WebServices.


Outsourcing to 1ClickFactory WebServices enabled Codehouse to meet their clients' web-based solutions needs. The partnership between Codehouse and 1ClickFactory Webservices yielded three distinct benefits: a marked increase in development capacity, extremely high quality development services, and an enriched output.

Firstly, outsourcing with 1ClickFactory WebServices limited its business risk. Without having to make long term commitments or large capital investments, Codehouse added capabilities to grow their business. "Demand is ever-changing, and creating a strategic partnership with 1ClickFactory WebServices generated higher scalability without the risk," explains Sebastian Winslow, Partner and Product Owner at Codehouse.

Additionally, outsourcing allowed Codehouse to engage with a company offering specialization in particular fields of expertise, ensuring high levels of service. "Profound expertise in web development and high level of service 1ClickFactory WebServices delivers builds a firm foundation for our partnership," " notes Mr. Sebastian Winslow. ASP.NET, the Windows Azure platform, and Sitecore and Umbraco are among 1ClickFactory's specialties.

Mr. Sebastian Winslow emphasizes, "In addition, 1ClickFactory WebServices people were committed to the task with their own ideas and solutions. Not just code robots, 1ClickFactory web developers analyzed the tasks from their own perspective, which is rare." 1ClickFactory WebServices enriched and added value to the output, which is even more important for Codehouse than delivering before time. "1ClickFactory WebServices is much more than just an ordinary outsourcing partner. It is a competent, reliable, efficient and quality-minded business partner," says Mr. Sebastian Winslow.

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