Partner Case Story, 2014

Situation and solution

Blue Bridge Baltic is one of the largest IT corporate groups in the Baltics, consolidating such daughter companies as Blue Bridge, Blue Bridge Code, Blue Bridge Bond, and Synergy Cloud. Many years of experience in the IT industry have provided Blue Bridge with the opportunity to understand unique customer needs. To address those needs, the company specializes in different segments and strives to be a leader in targeted areas. Blue Bridge Code is a software solutions company that specializes in deployment of non-typical business process management systems, design and development of e-service portals, and the maintenance and development of business-critical software solutions. The company strives to fulfil all customers’ needs 100% and provide the best quality services they can, and decided to use 1ClickFactory WebServices specialists to implement a project with a challenging timeline.

Blue Bridge Code won the public tender to implement the Lithuanian Railways’ project to create an online railway trains and wagons management and monitoring information system. The solution needed to be easy to use and implemented fast. Opkis – the system that Lithuanian Railways had been using – was inflexible, inconvenient, and not user-friendly. The old system needed to be installed on a computer in order to use it. And, to find information, a user had to know the codes instead of being able to search by keyword. For example, if you wanted to check the availability of a specific wagon at a particular station, you needed to know the code for both the wagon and station.

The customer needed an innovative, user-friendly solution that met several simple conditions:

  • The system had to be easily accessible for all employees without mandatory computer installation, i.e. an online solution.
  • All relevant information (train arrival/departure, number and availability of wagons in the station, etc.) needed to be easy to find.
  • The system needed a querying function; for example, the ability to filter how many and what kind of wagons are available, when and how many wagons arrived/departed the station, etc.

The customer needed the solution quickly, and Blue Bridge Code did not have enough resources available for the task. So, 1ClickFactory was chosen to assist with the project.

Benefits and experience

“The decision to use 1ClickFactory WebServices was not hard to make,” says Aivaras Liutvinas, Project Manager at Blue Bridge Code. “We did some projects together before and we knew that 1ClickFactory’s specialists are competent, reliable, and suitable for the job.” According to him, 1ClickFactory WebServices specialists have the right experience in web development and a history of creating successful online solutions, which was exactly what was needed for the customer.

Blue Bridge Code prepared the project specifications, architecture and reference for implementation and then handed over part of the tasks to 1ClickFactory WebServices specialists. The customer as well as Blue Bridge Code benefited from working with 1ClickFactory WebServices. The project was successfully implemented on time, and all functionality worked flawlessly. The customer was satisfied with the great result, and Blue Bridge Code was happy not only for the customer, but also for saving their specialists’ time. Instead of training new people to work on this project, they were able to continue work on existing projects.

“In addition to great results, I also remember how easy it was to communicate with 1ClickFactory WebServices,” says Liutvinas. While working on this project, 1ClickFactory WebServices specialists frequently worked from the Blue Bridge Code office. This made it easier for both sides to communicate about project-related issues and react quickly. As Liutvinas says, “It showed us that they take working with us very seriously. I have a very good opinion about the specialists working for us, and I would definitely recommend 1ClickFactory WebServices to other Partners.”

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