Partner Case Story, 2014


Adform is a leading advertising technology firm whose mission is to make display advertising simple, relevant, and rewarding for agencies, advertisers, and publishers. The Adform end-to-end ad tech stack offers tools for creating a multitude of rich media ads, a robust ad server, and a demand-side platform (DSP) to support both direct sale and programmatic campaigns. Adform also offers a suite of tools for targeting, tracking, managing, optimizing, and reporting on your campaigns. Since Adform‘s platform is the key element of its business, it is very important that it be user friendly, flexible, innovative, and compatible with all kinds of new online technologies and website content management systems (CMS). In order to best serve all its customers, Adform itself must be innovative and flexible. Therefore, when Adform got a client whose website was built on Sitecore, 1ClickFactory WebServices was chosen to build a plug-in for the company‘s URL tracking code implementation, ensuring the best possible outcome for the customer.


Adform’s customer had an e-commerce website built on Sitecore. The customer wanted to use its platform for retargeting, which is a form of targeted consumer advertising based on previous actions or purchases online. For this reason, Adform needed to implement a tool which tracks consumer actions after visiting the customer’s website or seeing its banner somewhere else online. Hundreds of tracking codes had to be added to every subpage to track all the necessary parameters – product names, product IDs, reviews, categories, cart actions, and so on – so that the company’s banner could later be customized for each customer. “Usually, to make the code implementation process easier for the customer, we send them one of our plug-ins, which automates this part of the process,” says Donatas Grinkas, Brand Led Media Project Lead at Adform. “In this case, we couldn’t do that, because we did not have the plug-in for Sitecore CMS. We had heard of 1ClickFactory’s experience with .NET development and knowledge of Sitecore CMS, so we decided to reach out for help with this project.”

Adform prepared the project specifications, and quickly accepted the offer from 1ClickFactory WebServices. Although the need for this plug-in arose due to the Sitecore customer, Adform also wanted the plug-in in case of customers using Sitecore in the future. The same content management system means similar website structure and parameters for product codes or categories in tracking, so the developed plug-in could be used for all future customers on Sitecore. “We knew that we needed this plug-in,” says Grinkas. “Considering that we do not have Sitecore knowledge, we decided that it would be more useful to use 1ClickFactory WebServices instead of trying to do it ourselves. We chose the more effective solution and asked 1ClickFactory WebServices to start developing.”

Even though the task seemed straightforward, there were some challenges for the WebServices team. Since the plug-in had to be designed for easy tracking code implementation for both websites and e-shops, purchase pages common to all e-commerce websites had to be taken into consideration. The challenge was that purchase pages reset all history information after the purchase is complete, and the empty shopping cart after purchase made customer information hard to track. 1ClickFactory WebServices found the solution: they linked the tracking information to cookies in the purchase pages. Thanks to quick and decisive steps to address this challenge, 1ClickFactory managed to deliver the project in just two weeks without any delays.


“The biggest benefit related to this project is how much time it saved,” says Grinkas. “We received the plug-in in two weeks, without dedicating our developers’ time. We also saved a huge amount of our customer’s time which they would have spent on tracking codes implementation.” If everything had been performed manually, it would increase the possibility of error and would take about two full weeks for the customer to perform the configuration. In addition, Adform’s support would have to check the code implementation and document mistakes for the customer to fix. With the plug-in ready, all the customer needs to do is install it to Sitecore, enter their Adform customer ID, and let the plug-in do all the work automatically in just a few minutes. All Adform support needed to do was check to make sure everything was implemented correctly and launch the campaign.

According to Grinkas, one other big advantage is how much easier it is to make a sale thanks to the plug-in. “When we would tell potential customers that in order to launch the retargeting campaigns they would have to implement a number of codes to all the subpages of their website, they would freak out a little,” says Grinkas. “It sounded like a very time consuming and complicated process. But now when we say that all they have to do is click a few buttons, it helps a lot.”

Grinkas had glowing reviews for 1ClickFactory. “The project implementation process was very smooth from the very first meeting, and all communication between us was fluent and clear,” he says. “What’s more, the WebServices team was very professional. During the entire project, I had the feeling that they really knew not only what they were doing, but what we wanted as well. They are truly experts in their field.”

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