These days, a website is a critical sales and marketing tool. Today’s savvy customers are willing to find what they need by searching the internet on their own, rather than engaging with a sales person. As a result, a company’s website must be found quickly and easily in search engines like Google or Bing. Moreover, it must have clear and attractive content, excellent navigation, and the option to test and purchase the product online.

Over the last two years, 1ClickFactory has experienced rapid business growth. The company expanded into three divisions, each offering new and extensive services and all of which needed to be reflected on the company website. In addition, during the website rebuild, 1ClickFactory wanted to improve visitor experience by redesigning the website’s architecture, decreasing the number of clicks needed to reach information and therefore increasing the number of prospects that request services through the web.

"The vision of our new website was to create a solution that would help us meet today’s buyer’s needs,” says Sandra Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, Marketing Manager of 1ClickFactory. “We wanted to make our website a successful working engine that constantly generates new customer leads.”

The company also wanted to improve its internal marketing infrastructure in order to streamline user registration and authorization, simplify the process of uploading new customer information, and support multiple languages.

To meet all these goals, the company entrusted 1ClickFactory WebServices, its web development division, to create a new Cloud-ready corporate website.


There were two critical factors when designing the technical architecture of the new website:

  1. Create an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for non-technical users
  2. Switch the website hosting to cloud infrastructure for lower maintenance costs and maximum extensibility of the website in the future

To meet these two goals, the Microsoft Azure platform and Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) were chosen.

The decision to switch to the Microsoft Azure hosting platform was made in order to decrease website maintenance costs, with one monthly payment covering the Windows Server, SQL Server licensing, storage space, and bandwidth usage. The Microsoft Azure also offers ready-to-use scalability in case of an increase in website traffic. This set of services perfectly met 1ClickFactory’s need for comprehensive yet cost-efficient website hosting.

When choosing the content management system, there were two important factors for the company: price and support. Umbraco CMS is open source, so there are no licensing fees, with product updates released every few months. It is also widely used by companies throughout the world and has excellent community support. Moreover, development services are offered by many partners, so there is no vendor lock-in. In addition, Umbraco is easily extended through various plugins from third parties, including social network integration, forms, newsletters, blog posts, and many other features. Umbraco is an excellent platform for future growth.


Improved navigation

"Our WebServices team offered an intelligent solution for website navigation,” says Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė. "The user navigation path is much shorter and simpler, and the information is well-structured and easier to find. As a result, we can more effectively convert website visitors into prospects.”

Increased visitors conversion

“One of the most critical requirements for our new website was to give visitors an opportunity to try and buy our services online,” emphasizes Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė. “We are developing a solution that will enable partners to request and receive free assessments for Microsoft Dynamics solutions upgrades, as well as web development services on a self-service basis. We strongly believe that it will make a positive impact on customer leads generated through the web.“

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other internal systems

According to Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, "The next step of this project is to develop the Partner Zone, a secure online portal for our existing partners to use as a daily operations desk.” Here, partners will be able to request and receive services quotes, track quote delivery status, use upgrade tools, and more. In addition, partners will be able to access sales and marketing toolkits and technical tools to increase their Dynamics business opportunities. To enable this functionality, the website will be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and other internal systems.

Professional support during the entire process

“We were impressed by the professional support provided by 1ClickFactory WebServices team,” emphasizes Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė. "Constant and timely information about the project status made us feel confident during the entire development project. The WebServices team significantly improved the architecture of the initial solution, making it even more friendly for visitors.”

Faster and simpler information update process

The website was developed on Umbraco Content Management System. “Not only is this CMS friendly to use for content creators, but it also supports complex applications and is a perfect fit for organizations that provide professional tools and services online,” states Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė. “Our website is like a live organism as we update it almost every day. That’s why it is critical for us to have a system that enables a simple and fast information update process.”

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