Partner Case Story, 2012

Partnership Strategy Fortifies ERP Upgrade Business, Reduces Costs

Partner Power is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focused on providing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to multinational organizations. To control costs and maintain focus on its core competencies, Partner Power works with 1ClickFactory to deliver upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through this model, Partner Power has been able to, in one case, reduce costs by as much as 46 percent for a single client. By taking advantage of a partner's upgrade expertise, Partner Power has also been able to streamline the entire upgrade process while reducing project risk by leveraging a company focused specifically on such a task.

Business Needs

With a team of Microsoft Certified Professionals working in more than 50 countries, Partner Power is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and global provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and services for multinational organizations.

The company's product portfolio includes Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more than 70 proven, industry-specific solutions. To more effectively execute on projects, Partner Power has maintained a partnership strategy for specific project requirements, which enables the company to focus on its core competencies while keeping costs low. Says Henning Lund, Vice President of Partner Power, "International customers often come to us with a requirement to reduce development costs by outsourcing upgrades and other project requirements to partners."

Recently, Partner Power needed to find a Microsoft Dynamics solutions outsourcing partner for a client that needed to upgrade its solution to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 for subsidiaries in more than 15 countries. In finding a partner, Partner Power established a range of criteria to reduce risk and increase project success. The criteria included:

  • Staff who have advanced product knowledge to ensure a high-quality upgrade
  • Competitive pricing for the solution
  • Staff with English language skills
  • Staff with proven performance
  • Intellectual-property protection

In addition, Partner Power was looking for a near-shore partner that could adapt to Partner Power's international project methodology and culture. Says Lund, "We looked at several options, but because of its competitive pricing, experience, deep specialization, and European presence, we felt 1ClickFactory was the best partner for us."


Delivering the most value to other partners that need to perform upgrades for their customers, 1ClickFactory's upgrade services span from presales to implementation and follow three core values:

  • Noncompetitive partnership. 1ClickFactory sells and invoices through its partners and views itself as its partners' internal development unit. 1ClickFactory also works to protect its partners' intellectual property.
  • Marketing and sales support. 1ClickFactory helps its partners create demand for upgrade and other services through the 1ClickFactory partner sales and marketing kit, which includes an upgrade sales return-on-investment tool that improves partners' ability to justify the upgrade value, templates for direct mail, guidelines for building successful customer events, and campaigns to create demand.
  • Business benefits. When selling, 1ClickFactory works together with its partners to ensure that its services deliver the best value to customers and that all three parties succeed. This is achieved through the standardization of both processes and the deliverables of upgrade projects.

For the client that needed to upgrade its solution to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 for subsidiaries in more than 15 countries, 1ClickFactory's services and partnership have proven a success. The project needed to be completed in only three months, focusing first on core capabilities and then on individual solution localizations. Says Lund, "The upgrade project was delivered on time, within budget, and at the agreed quality; and most importantly, we gained a satisfied customer who received a better solution faster and with a lower total-cost-of-ownership than other comparable solutions."

Before executing on the project, Partner Power and 1ClickFactory developed a project plan, defined the interfaces, and held a joint application design session to ensure optimal knowledge transfer from Partner Power and the customer to the 1ClickFactory developers.

To streamline the upgrade process and avoid interference with the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, 1ClickFactory uses a unique development methodology called 1ClickFactory LightTouch. This methodology lowers the total-cost-of-ownership of keeping the application up-to-date on future versions of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. 1ClickFactory also provides English documentation, enabling Partner Power to use other third-party suppliers in the future.


By partnering with 1ClickFactory, Partner Power can offer streamlined upgrades while keeping the project risk low by outsourcing upgrades to a dedicated team of upgrade experts and maintaining focus on its own domain expertise. Says Lund, "We are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers and, in that way, 1ClickFactory was a very good match. We specialize in international projects involving Microsoft Dynamics solutions. They specialize in upgrades. If we add the understanding of requirements and setup of our local partners, we have a group of complementary technology providers that adds great value to customers."

Lower Costs

A result similar to that of other projects that involve 1ClickFactory, Partner Power found its most recent project to achieve double-digit cost savings for the customer. Says Lund, "By using 1ClickFactory's upgrade services, our customer achieved a financial savings of 46 percent, in comparison to global standard prices, thanks to the competitive price of outsourcing and the innovative upgrade methods that 1ClickFactory applied in the upgrade process. Because of 1ClickFactory's upgrade methodology, we have managed to keep overhead costs-for communication and interaction at an international level-at a minimum without jeopardizing the quality of the project."

Streamlined Upgrades

Sourcing upgrade projects to a company that specializes in upgrades also means rapid project execution. In fact, in the case of the company needing to upgrade subsidiaries in 15 countries, the entire project only took three months. Says Lund, "By collaborating with 1ClickFactory, we were able to synergize, align our processes, and get the project done significantly faster than if we had not outsourced the upgrade process."

Reduced Project Risk

Working with a partner that focuses on a specific domain, such as upgrades, also means lower project risk. Says Lund, "Because 1ClickFactory has vast upgrade experience, they work faster and have better tools, which gives them more control. They can predict exactly when they will be done with an upgrade project and we can always rely on the quality of the upgrade."

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