Partner Case Story, 2012


Evry One MS Solutions is a turnkey IT solution provider with a leading position among IT consultant companies in the Nordic region. The company has offices and subsidiaries in more than 40 locations in the Nordic region and approximately 1 250 employees.

Evry was asked to implement a complex Microsoft Dynamics solutions merge and upgrade project for one of its customers, Schibsted, a leading Scandinavian media group. Two of Shibsted's Swedish subsidiaries recently merged into one new company, Schibsted Centralen AB in order to develop a company for so-called "shared services" focused on financial, payroll and IT functions. This meant that the company needed to take a big step toward streamlining the management of large volumes of data generated, and therefore needed to build a common and flexible IT platform to ensure smooth data exchange and user productivity. Both Swedish companies of the Schibsted Group were currently using early versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Evry entrused 1ClickFactory, a strategic outsourcing partner for Microsoft Dynamics solutions upgrades, to perform Dynamics NAV solutions upgrade from Dynamics NAV 3.10 and Dynamics NAV 4.0 to Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1. The company has worked with 1ClickFactory specialists in the past on a number of Microsoft Dynamics upgrade projects and experienced a highly professional approach to upgrades and to the partnership itself.


First, 1ClickFactory together with Evry representatives held a verification workshop and identified functional requirements to perform the solution functionality upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV SP1 with an ExFlow add-on. As a next step, the databases of both companies were merged to simplify the monitoring and reporting process for the customer.

The solution upgrade was implemented following 1ClickFactory's proprietary Optimized Upgrade methodology, where only the selected customizations are upgraded to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This type of upgrade allows for a more intelligent approach. Looking responsibly at future costs simplifies the next upgrades as well as the solution, and only key modifications are brought forward, which in turn decreases the complexity of present and future upgrades.

As a result, by using a so-called Master Company and common registers, large amounts of data now can be managed from one place but used by all companies. Secondly, the monitoring and reporting by individual companies have also been greatly simplified as all work is processed in a single database. In addition, among other things, the new system addresses a global chart of accounts and vendor records. Today, it is sufficient that any errors in delivery of data is corrected in one place regardless of whether the provider is used in 30 different companies.


According Bo Brask, Business Consultant and Project Manager at Evry "Schipsted is on the forefront when it comes to ensuring joint business operations to become more efficient. Moving from different versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to a new common version creates completely new opportunities to work rationally. It also means that Schibsted can start up a new company in the system in a fraction of the time it previously took."

The partner states that through its collaboration with 1ClickFactory its company won time, considerably reduced project costs and experienced a high level satisfaction from the end-customer. "Being in partnership with 1ClickFactory enables us to be much more precise in upgrades offerings for our customers," states Thomas Olofsson, CEO of Evry. "In addition, their focused expertise on upgrades and the automated tools they have developed over time result in much higher profitability for us in our upgrade business. On the other hand, we don't have to recruit as many consultants as in the past as they are focused higher up in the value chain when 1ClickFactory does development," emphasizes Mr. Olofsson.

Mr. Olofsson adds, "Partnership with 1ClickFactory for us means less worry about the next upgrade. We acually are looking forward to it. And most importantly, our customers see us as a proactive partner taking on concepts that give them more value for the money in the long run."

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