Partner Case Story, 2011


eCraft is a Finnish Technology Solutions company with multiple office locations in Espoo & Vaasa, Finland as well as in Malmo & Stockholm, Sweden. eCraft has been solving business challenges their customers face for over fifteen years. eCraft’s internal mantra is to ‘create less software’ and that is just what they do, by eliminating the amount of software seen and experienced by individuals, minimizing technology solutions for well over a decade.

eCraft strives to develop simple and intuitive applications and solutions for their customers by simplifying complex user interfaces and systems. eCraft specializes in IT integrations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations and infrastructure solutions. Earning their keep as Finland’s Microsoft Solution Partner of the Year (2008), eCraft has been a certified Microsoft NAV Partner since 1999 as well as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

eCraft was looking for strategic partnership to help them expand their capacity to be able to grow more efficiently and manage their existing customers business.


eCraft‘s partnership with 1ClickFactory started in 2010. The company chose to partner with 1ClickFactory for their upgrade needs for several reasons. First, 1ClickFactory has a unique, proven and successful upgrade track record. 1ClickFactory's focused expertise and highly professional concept around upgrades, which is its own unique IP, enables partner to deploy upgrades faster and with a level of quality and productivity that secures customer satisfaction.

In addition to leveraging 1ClickFactory's upgrades expertise, both enterprises share the same innovative culture and with a nearby 1ClickFactory subsidiary in Finland, the partnership was off to a good start.

Since the initial engagement, eCraft and 1ClickFactory have strengthened their partnership through executing:

  • Over 20 upgrades of Dynamics solutions successfully completed
  • A number of data migration projects mastered
  • Custom development projects accomplished
  • RAMP Program delivered & NAV trainings.

The majority of projects that eCraft recently implemented with 1ClickFactory were Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions upgrade from NAV 5.0 SP1 FI to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.


By partnering with 1ClickFactory for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions upgrade, eCraft greatly expanded their capacity and grew their existing customer business. According to eCraft's CEO, Ville Hemmilä, before outsourcing the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions upgrade to 1ClickFactory, eCraft was only able to implement one or two upgrade projects a year. Working with 1ClickFactory as its extended team, eCraft now has greater capacity, access to experienced resources, a highly professional upgrade concept, and support in upgrade sales and marketing. Taken together, 1ClickFactory provides eCraft with a high level of consistency and quality in doing upgrades and it has expanded their upgrades business tremendously.

1ClickFactory completes upgrades for a fixed cost and in a shorter time frame than a traditional partner, as they automate major parts of the upgrade. By entrusting the upgrade to 1ClickFactory, eCraft has increased the profitability of its existing customer base while leaving its team free for additional development and enabling them to focus on more profitable activities like project management or consultations. Hemmilä has been pleased with the results, touting, “With 1ClickFactory, there is virtually no limit to the opportunities to increase the value and scope of eCraft's Microsoft Dynamics upgrade business”.

"The fixed price 1ClickFactory offers for upgrades was a huge advantage that made us jump on the opportunity, allowing us to accurately budget for project costs, which makes both us and our customers happy," exclaimed Hemmilä, "Upgrading with 1ClickFactory is a win-win for the Dynamics partner and their customers."

According to Hemmilä, in addition to the time and money saved by choosing 1ClickFactory to help expand eCraft's upgrade business, 1ClickFactory stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to having the professional touch. "1Clickfactory delivers skilled talent, top of class professionalism and an innovative way of thinking," boasts Mr. Hemmilä. “We couldn’t be more satisfied with our long-standing partnership with 1ClickFactory and cannot overstate our high recommendation of their services, professionalism and quality of work.”

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