Partner Case Story, 2015


Axians, a VINCI Technologies company, has a proven track record in Europe in various industry sectors, with a sole focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Paying homage to the universal genius, Leonard Da Vinci, Axians is a proud member of the VINCI Group that has over a century of experience in services and construction to greater the well-being of people.

Axians, identifies the importance of ICT for Axians’ clients saying, “ICT helps our clients generate revenue opportunities and competitive advantage”, which is done through continuous knowledge building, generating know-how and developing ongoing interpersonal communications within organizations.

Axians delivers these competitive advantages and opportunities through 600 service professionals in the Netherlands, over 7.000 employees in 15 countries with diverse skills and deep experience in ICT. Axians understands the implications of what ICT means for people and for businesses, combining this with the power for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Axians designs industry-specific solutions that are reliable and dominant today and in the future.

Axians customers’, like all technology customers, constantly face the dilemma of whether to upgrade their systems, applications and databases. Running software on old systems can negatively impact business communications, operations and processes, which can be more costly and time-consuming than the cost of maintaining systems and software continuously. Given this, Axians has wanted to guarantee their customers that upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV was not only the right decision long-term, but also the less expensive alternative today.

This began Axians’ search for a strategic partner to help them standardize their upgrade process through simplifying their Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer upgrades with automated services, that would not only help Axians guarantee the success of their upgrade projects, but also expand their upgrade business.


Axians found a match for an upgrade partnership with 1ClickFactory. Axians began partnering with 1ClickFactory to perform Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrades in the spring of 2014. The majority of upgrade projects that Axians has recently implemented in partnership with 1ClickFactory have been Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions upgrade from old Dynamics NAV versions to latest Dynamics NAV successfully – on-time, on budget and meeting exceptional quality standards. Through Axians’ partnership with 1ClickFactory, Axians can guarantee a smooth transition and transparency during upgrades, while Axians is better able to utilize their own resources on their core competences and guarantee a faster implementation and upgrade process.

Axians optimized their upgrade process by performing a pre-upgrade analysis to scan their client’s existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment prior to engaging in the upgrade in order to identify any issues of missing program sources, tailor-made custom programs, outdated reports etc. well ahead of the upgrade itself. The outcome of this analysis allowed Axians to plan sources accordingly, including the utilization of 1ClickFactory’s automated NAV upgrade services, such as the RDLC report transformations.

Through cooperation with 1ClickFactory, Axians has performed full-upgrades faster and more efficiently enabling Axians to deliver time-savings and cost-savings directly to their end customers. This efficiency is accomplished during the Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade process by Axians’ development team executing the database upgrade, while 1ClickFactory is able to simultaneously implement the RDLC report transformations to complete upgrade.

In many cases, 1ClickFactory has performed more than 50 report transformations for a single Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade, all within the same time period as the database upgrade. By executing the database upgrade and report transformations in conjunction, the customer is ready to immediately start using the upgraded system and upgraded functionality upon database completion, unlike traditional upgrades.

1ClickFactory and Axians’ successful partnership has benefited their customers through eliminating the frustration of typical system upgrades and creation of a fixed price based plan that has reduced unexpected costs for Axians’ customers. Working in conjunction with 1ClickFactory, Axians has been able to ensure that every task and action performed during the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade is optimally performed by the most suitable and experienced resource.


Through partnership with 1ClickFactory for Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions upgrades, Axians has been able to, “Better utilize our own resources and implement upgrades faster, in some cases reducing the upgrade implementation time by weeks. More over the partnership with 1ClickFactory reduces the cost of our upgrade projects, providing us with higher profitability and ultimately savings for our end customers,” said Martijn van Hove, Business Consultant at Axians.

“Working with 1ClickFactory ensures that we, as a Partner, are able to provide the proper time and attention to our customers, as 1ClickFactory elevates the burden we have to undertake in several areas of the upgrade process,” declared Martijn van Hove. “We’ve not only reaped these rewards with our upgrade services but our CfMD testing and certification services working with 1ClickFactory as well.”

Axians’ partnership with 1ClickFactory has reaped measurable rewards for both Axians as a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner and Axians’ end customers, with higher profitability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade executed with 1ClickFactory for Axians and cost-savings to Axian’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade customers.

“Working with 1ClickFactory for Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrades has absolutely elevated our level of service for our customers, notably reducing the duration of upgrades, increasing our profitability on upgrade projects and helping us standardize/guarantee a successful go-live for all our upgrades,” exclaimed Martijn van Hove. “We highly recommend other Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to work with 1ClickFactory for upgrade services, as they have consistently delivered and satisfied every time.”

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