Partner Case Story, 2016


Sigma IT Consulting is a Swedish IT consulting company with 850 employees and 20 offices throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and United Kingdom. Sigma offers six distinct IT business lines to their customers that work congruently to deliver the most innovative and efficient solution to each client’s unique business challenges. Sigma has in-depth technical expertise, but the real game changer for their customers is their level of dedication and engagement.

As with everything they do, Sigma aimed to be the leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrades for their clients. However, when executing Dynamics AX upgrades for their customers, Sigma recognized the constraints of their in-house resources, not being able to provide the time, cost and quality standard they set for themselves. Therefore, Sigma set out to find a more efficient and affordable means to deliver high quality Dynamics AX upgrades. That’s when they discovered 1ClickFactory and began a multi-year partnership.

Existing Customers Get the Attention They Deserve

Leo Admantius, Product Manager for Dynamics AX at Sigma IT Consulting discusses the successful partnership with 1ClickFactory stating: "For over three years, we've worked with 1ClickFactory on Dynamics AX Upgrades enjoying the high quality of their services. We've created a dynamic cooperation that makes our customers feel they are receiving the attention they deserve.

Now 1ClickFactory works as an extension of the Sigma team to execute their Dynamics AX customer upgrades while Sigma focuses on the AM/AE services to deliver further value to their customers.


Sigma works with 1ClickFactory on numerous AX customer upgrade projects per year. Admantius describes their partnership as such: “Thanks to our partnership with 1ClickFactory, we now have time to focus on our day-to-day business and can plan upgrades in parallel with our normal business activities. We have also tightened our relationship with 1ClickFactory so they work as a longer arm of our team, in doing this we keep up with the current development pace of Microsoft and focus our knowledge on topics that directly affects our customers’ daily processes.”

A specific example of their working partnership was when Sigma asked 1ClickFactory to perform a mid-size (~30 GB) solution upgrade from Axapta version 4.0 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 as well as tasking them to fully convert current object customizations. Beyond the upgrade, 1ClickFactory prepared an upgrade implementation guideline and data transformation scripts to enable a trouble-free upgrade as well as data transformation for Sigma’s product specialists.

Before starting the project, 1ClickFactory ran an Upgrade Assessment to provide the Sigma with a full scope of their customer’s project to help determine which upgrade methodology would be the most effective. The Upgrade Assessment identified that changes in the application were rather systematic and stand-alone, which lead to a recommendation of a standard upgrade to fully convert the current object customizations.

In order to assure the low risk upgrade process, 1ClickFactory supplied Sigma with tools to perform real data migration (data transformation scripts), upgraded test data base as well as upgrade implementation and live data migration guidelines. Unfortunately, the upgrade launch (go-live) did not run seamlessly due to weak server resources the customer had allocated. To troubleshoot, 1ClickFactory performed the upgrade in simulated customer environment on their own servers then assisted Sigma through the full upgrade implementation and data transformation on stand by delivering a successful and valuable upgrade project to a satisfied customer.


While partnering with 1ClickFactory for Dynamics AX Upgrades, Sigma has been able to free up scarce resources to work on new projects while at the same time serving existing customers with upgrades.

Shorter Upgrade Time & Extra Resources to Address Customer Demands

Admantius describes the success of working with 1ClickFactory as: “Working with 1ClickFactory on Dynamics AX Upgrades, we are able to address the customer demand for upgrades and speed up the time to market that was hardly achievable for us due to our lack of dedicated upgrade resources and other time-sensitive projects."

Admantius is thrilled with the results the partnership has brought Sigma, describing: "Through a reliable partnership with 1ClickFactory, their team works alongside us as a longer-armed extension of our team. Now we can focus on our daily business while simultaneously upgrading our customers.

Time to Focus on New Opportunities

Beyond the long-term benefits, there immediate daily benefits Sigma has recognized says Admantius: “Now we receive quotations [from 1ClickFactory] for our customers without dedicating a group of consultants. This means that we can send out several quotations during a short period of time without losing ongoing business. This saves us tremendous amount of time! Also, when sending quotations at fixed price, we can divide the risk for the projects with 1ClickFactory.

Secure Upgrade Profits & Reduce Upgrade Project Risk

Sigma’s ongoing partnership with 1ClickFactory continues to flourish with each successful upgrade project completed for Sigma’s customers. Sigma continues to see the benefits in working with 1ClickFactory with reduced upgrade project risk, secure upgrade profits with fixed pricing, decreased upgrade time to market and ongoing knowledge added to the Sigma team with each successful project completion.

Admantius summarizes Sigma’s work with 1ClickFactory saying: “I would highly recommend 1ClickFactory’s services to any Dynamics Partner.

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