Partner Case Story, 2012

Business Needs

Advania, a part of the Advania Group, is one of the strongest system integrators in Norway. With a team of more than 1100 professionals working in Advania Group companies in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the company delivers highly professional system integration services and vertical solutions for retail, logistics, transportation and waste industries.

Recently, Advania needed to upgrade its vertical solution Transportation and Waste for Microsoft Dynamics AX from Dynamics AX 4SP2 version to Dynamics AX 2012 to deliver more value to their customers within this industry. The company wanted to find a partner focused specifically on upgrades in order to streamline the entire upgrade process and be able to launch the solution to the market faster. According to Magnus Svensson, Development Manager at Advania Norway: “We needed a head start going to market with the next generation of our vertical solution.”


In order to execute more effectively on upgrade projects, while reducing projects risks and being able to focus on its core competencies, Advania entrusted the upgrade to 1ClickFactory Upgrade Service for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Clear Upgrade Concept

Mr. Svensson states: “The whole concept of upgrades presented by 1ClickFactory was reassuring. They presented a very clear business model with an industrial and future-ready way of thinking about how to execute an upgrade.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Expertise

In addition, Advania was looking for a partner that already had experience in the powerful AX 2012 ERP platform from Microsoft and could successfully guide them through the complex and sophisticated technical changes in Dynamics AX 2012. 1ClickFactory Upgrade Service Center specialists have already done several AX 2012 upgrade projects for Microsoft Dynamics partners around the globe and made a solid investment into investigating the new powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


For partners that need to upgrade their solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 faster while reducing projects risks, 1ClickFactory's services and partnership have proven a success.

Faster upgrade enabled to go to the market faster

“The biggest advantage of entrusting 1ClickFactory for this upgrade project was that we could utilize our in-house development resources much better. This enabled us to shorten the total project time since we could work in parallel, our internal team was able to focus on designing future improvements to the product, while 1ClickFactory was working on the technical upgrade,“ states Mr. Svensson. ”Since total project time was shortened, we are able to go to market at least 4 months faster, thanks to 1ClickFactory, which empowered us to speed up on this project”.

Better project risk and internal resources management

By partnering with 1ClickFactory, Advania experienced a streamlined upgrade while keeping the project risk low, and was able to maintain focus on its own domain expertise by entrusting a dedicated 1ClickFactory upgrade team for the upgrade. Mr. Svensson emphasizes: ”1ClickFactory made it possible for us to use our own expert resources to do what they do best, namely prepare for the alignment of the next generation of the product to the market.” He adds, “The fixed price model and clear scope ensured by 1ClickFactory reduced the risk for us that is usually relatively high when having an upgrade project, especially to the newest product version."

Highly professional team

Working with a partner that focuses on upgrades, also means access to a highly professional team of specialists. „We have not once had doubts about the competence of the 1ClickFactory team. These guys really know what they are doing,“ summarizes Magnus Svensson, Development Manager at Advania Norway.

About The Project

To streamline the upgrade process and minimize time and effort needed for present and future upgrades, 1ClickFactory upgrade specialists applied an innovative methodology that included:

Free Upgrade Assessment and Data Consistency Check

Before executing the project, 1ClickFactory provided the partner with a free Upgrade Assessment. The professional Upgrade Assessment enabled the partner to understand the scope and complexity of the project. It also showed areas that are most time consuming and gave visibility on the customizations. A part of the 1ClickFactory Upgrade Assessment is the Data Consistency Check to avoidtroubleshooting data consistency issues during the data upgrade. Testing the consistency of data before starting the upgrade project is critical. Finding data consistency issues prior to upgrade enabled partner and 1ClickFactory specialists to determine the best course of action while running an upgrade, decrease testing efforts and help get more accurate estimates before starting an upgrade project.

Help Tools to minimize future efforts

The 1ClickFactory project team created help tools, which helped to minimize the amount of code needed to create during the upgrade and save on time and efforts. In addition, it will help to minimize partner efforts in creating code in the future as partner can reuse these help tools.

Optimized Upgrade

Partners often have the experience that many customizations are not in use anymore or overlap with a standard functionality of Dynamics AX 2012. 1ClickFactory Upgrade Service Center specialists found that partners can decrease their upgrade scope up to 40% after analyzing the solution and identifying unused and erroneous objects, overlapping functionality and moving only key modifications forward. After measuring the customization status (a part of Upgrade Assessment) of the Transportation and Waste solution, 1/3 of the objects were identified to be not in use or overlapping with the new functionality. These findings enabled 1ClickFactory upgrade specialists to apply an optimized upgrade approach and significantly minimize the number of objects to bring forward. This decreased the complexity and scope of present and future upgrades.

Upgrade Implementation Guidelines and Notes

During the project 1ClickFactory upgrade specialists created an Upgrade Implementation Guidelines and Notes document that described the procedure for how to implement upgrades step by step, and documented changes/notes made during the upgrade. During the project 1ClickFactory specialists also identified conflicting areas of data upgrade and provided recommendations for improvement to the partner (a part of Upgrade Implementation Guidelines and Notes document).

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