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A Self-Provisioning Service for NAV on Azure Case Story, 2014


GAC, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner in the Netherlands, is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics in the Benelux. For more than 30 years GAC has served over 500 customers and 20,000 satisfied Microsoft Dynamics users.

Peter Willemse, Director of Global Solutions at GAC, describes the cloud hosting short fall they were facing, saying: “As a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we want to deploy software solutions that improve the business results of our customers. To be able to take care of all customer needs we needed a complete solution including the outsourcing of the whole technical environment of the customer. It was a real struggle to find a cloud provider that understood what we needed as a technology provider, which is not the same as an average company looking for hosting space on a server. We were constantly being overcharged for services we never used, e didn’t need the layers of security and permissions that many cloud host providers automatically charge you as part of their regular service. Not only that, but multiples times a disruption in service or implement was to occur the response time was to long, costing us too much time to try to fix the problem ourselves, problems that should have been addressed by the host provider.”

Needless to say, when GAC learned of 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure, they signed up to test the service immediately. Ultimately, GAC knew that if 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service could deliver a more reliable and cost effective cloud solution to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients, this could only increase the product of their growth formula and customers’ satisfaction.


Having worked with 1ClickFactory’s Upgrade Services before, Willemse came to expect the reliable and repeatable services 1ClickFactory delivered, having no hesitation to move forward with the Self-Provisioning Service.

“1ClickFactory has a unique way of adding value to existing Microsoft solutions, but assessing where they can fill a gap and provide value to Microsoft Dynamics Partners, which delivers incredibly unique, tailor made services that help us deliver our solutions faster, better and more efficiently, which is exactly what their Self-Provisioning Service does,” Willemse touted.

1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service bundles the Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure server set-up, server hosting, Microsoft Dynamics NAV licensing, Office365 licensing and technical support in a one-stop service shop for Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Providing all of these resources in one location delivers a significant time-cost savings as well as resources savings to Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

“The Self-Provisioning Service from 1ClickFactory’s delivers exactly what we need, as a last piece of the puzzle for our Microsoft Dynamics NAV cloud-based offering. They deliver all the elements we truly need, and none of those we do. This makes 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure a highly repeatable and affordable service for Microsoft Dynamics Partners,” explains Willemse.

With almost two dozen customers already utilizing cloud-based solutions with GAC, Willemse further explains, “it’s not just the small companies looking for a standard solution switching to cloud-based technologies, but also large organizations that require customization. 1ClickFactory provides the reliability and scalability to deliver to both of these types of businesses, while delivering the flexibility in their Self-Provisioning Service to fit each of our client’s unique needs and requirements.”


“1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning is a positive surprise – flexibility, reliability and scalability. We were a little jaded working with past cloud hosting providers, so were skeptical with what would be delivered. This may seems counterintuitive, but were looking for a better cloud service provider that would be both less expensive and deliver a higher quality service. However, Microsoft recommended 1ClickFactory to us and we haven’t been disappointed. They have delivered both on cost and on quality a combination which we did not think we would find,” exclaimed Willemse about GAC’s decision to try 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure.

1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure is the complete package for Microsoft Dynamics Partners with: hands-off Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure server set-up, predictable and affordable ERP cloud pricing, reliable security and performance, endless user scalability and full-time unfailing technical support.

“Honestly, no one is perfect, not even GAC, but when we have run into an issue with 1ClickFactory, they are quick to respond and the problem is resolved immediately. When we hit problems with other cloud hosting providers, it would take too much time to find a resolution. In many cases we were using our own in-house resources to try to work on these issues, costing us in labor hours and resources, all while paying for a service that didn’t deliver. We couldn’t be happier with the service 1ClickFactory provides,” Willemse commented.

Moving to 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service has provided immediate, measurable time-cost savings for GAC. By using 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service, GAC estimates they save approximately 25000 EUR a month in reduced labor-hours, shaving days off their implementation times.

Chief Executive Office of 1ClickFactory, Soren Fink-Jensen, is happy to deliver the cloud services Microsoft Dynamics Partners have been in search of for years with 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service, “it has been extremely rewarding to see the Self-Provisioning Service for NAV on Azure be adopted and celebrated by the partner community so quickly. Working with experienced and talented partners, like GAC, has given us further insight into every option, detail and guarantee partners want to see in this all-in-one cloud-based NAV service. We continue to modify and deliver a service that can be fit to your individual client’s needs.”

Willemse confirms GAC’s satisfaction with 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service stating: “After multiple successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Windows Azure and in Office 365 deployments with 1ClickFactory, we work exclusively with 1ClickFactory on our NAV on Azure deployments. No other cloud hosting services providers could match 1ClickFactory’s service offering and support services. Not only are we a completely satisfied customer, I’d would recommend 1ClickFactory’s Self-Provisioning Service to any Microsoft Dynamics Partner looking to offer a fast, more reliable and cost-effective cloud solution.”

About GAC:

Most recently, working closely with the Microsoft Corporation, GAC implemented the first customer on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, prior to the official launch of the product.

With over 140 employees, GAC delivers innovative industry specific solutions to small-to-midsized professional services firms, trade organizations, manufacturing businesses and childcare facilities, as well as having a special unit that focuses solely on international rollouts.

GAC shares a mutual goal with each of their customers, simply stated: “Growing Together”. Through this goal, GAC deploys its growth formula with each customer engagement, which is U X GAC X Microsoft = Growth. The combination of each customer times GACs experienced professionals times Microsoft’s enterprise solutions is an equation for success and growth, since GAC takes the time to learn, invest in and collaborate with each their customers.

GAC recognized and addressed their small-to-midsized customers’ need for rapid deployment of enterprise solutions in the cloud early on, utilizing local Dutch cloud hosting providers to deliver these solutions. However, GAC was never quite satisfied with the service and cloud hosting solution that was provided and started looking for a better option for their customers.

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