Partner Case Story, 2011

Oneclick in Building a Satisfactory Client Experience


OmniVue Business Solutions LLC is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified partner based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The company provides on-site and hosted accounting, financial, and customer management software solutions for mid-market businesses. Its products include Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP. OmniVue has been in business for 10 years, providing a satisfied client experience for over 240 customers in North America. The company positions itself as a trusted advisor that helps customers with reasonable yet long-term solutions at reasonable cost.

OmniVue wanted to help its customer, a large international industrial and consumer manufacturer of high quality cleaning products, create an effective manufacturer software formula while consolidating a variety of different IT solution in the organization. The organization was concerned about the challenge of integrating Microsoft Access 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions as its Microsoft Access solution was not compatible with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. Its Microsoft Access database contained a considerable amount of information specific to research and development (R&D) that was not necessarily required in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The customer decided to push information from the Microsoft Access environment as reported by its chemistry division to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution populating the Dynamics NAV with R&D information, production and consumption of raw material information.


OmniVue entrusted 1ClickFactory to develop integration between the Microsoft Access 2010 environment and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 solution. In addition the activity required specific development of the cores of both solutions in order to populate the Dynamics NAV with real images of production and raw materials information.

In addition to the integration task, 1ClickFactory also needed to take into consideration calculations that were converting volume, metric, calculations to pounds in relation to the components being consumed in order for raw material to be accurately explained in the NAV application. 1ClickFactory also included financial information so that when materials were properly used and reported in inventory, the appropriate cost information was captured as well in Dynamics NAV.

1ClickFactory built a Microsoft Access 2010 add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV web service usage and implemented a complete solution into the organization, i.e. carrying out web services configuration and implementation changes to Microsoft Access 2010, etc. In addition, 1ClickFactory performed Microsoft Dynamics NAV core development and integration with the Microsoft Access 2010 solution.


"We chose 1CF because we worked with them in the past on upgrade projects and experienced outstanding service," explains Kerry Pate, Project Manager of OmniVue explains.

"1ClickFactory was able to meet partner and customer expectations in a non-traditional and visionary manner. First of all, they were very professional and very concerned about the output and customer expectations. They were oneclick in demonstrating the ability not only to understand and fulfill customer expectations but also to internalize processes to meet the requirements of OmniVue, "emphasizes Mr. Pate.

"In addition, they demonstrated a cost-effective approach to utilizing individuals who were professionals and efficient. The people we worked with were very polite, very professional and transparent in their communication," states Mr. Pate.

Additionally, the partner received a number of benefits from this project: "The customer defined specific requirements that were parallel to business processes. 1ClickFactory was able to meet those expectations by showing a good understanding of the business processes and being able to apply it in the manner that was appropriate to the development of the solution," says Mr. Pate.

"1ClickFactory provided exactly what the client asked for in the timeframe, the scope and the budget that we stated," adds Mr. Pate. "From the perspective of the client, they were transparent in communicating the process and were able to develop and deliver the solution in the agreed-upon timeframe. Both parties were very happy with the outcome."

"1ClickFactory was able to use the best people, strong leadership, excellent resources, and to deliver a very satisfactory experience for both the partner and the client," concludes Kerry Pate, Project Manager of OmniVue.

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