Partner Case Story, 2011


ECL Connect is a Microsoft Partner company that focuses on delivering packaged solutions that help distribution companies streamline their operations. The company provides customers with LeanLog and E-Commerce solutions that typically integrate with a standard ERP system.

ECL Connect had made a decision to build the integration of Leanlog and E-Commerce to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After evaluating the process, ECL Connect realized that integrating LeanLog with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using its in-house development staff would require a high number of hours of work, additional trainings and even certification for Microsoft Dynamics.


In order to design and scope the project, ECL Connect asked 1ClickFactory, an outsourcing development partner for Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world, to arrange a Joint Application Workshop (JAD), based on 1ClickFactory's standard methodology. ECL Connect dispatched their team of developers behind the Leanlog and E-Commerce solutions to 1ClickFactory's facilities in Vilnius, where they spent two days together with 1ClickFactory MS Dynamics experts. As a starting point, the Integration Design Document was built and using this as a base, 1ClickFactory developers started developing LeanLog's integration with Dynamics NAV.

1ClickFactory delivered the project for testing within a month as agreed upon with ECL Connect. As a next step, the product had to be certified as soon as possible, so 1ClickFactory specialists were entrusted to work as a support and sounding board against ECL Connect.


By outsourcing the Leanlog and E-Commerce solutions integration with Dynamics NAV project to 1ClickFactory, ECL Connect saved nearly 50 percent of the estimated project time and was able to redirect its internal staff energy to bringing the product to its customers.

As a fixed project price was set from the beginning with the guarantee that the developed product would be certified by Microsoft, it enabled ECL Connect to better plan project costs.

ECL Connect's internal development team has also considerably increased their in-house knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by working together with 1ClickFactory specialists and without having the time pressure of bringing a product to the market.

"By partnering with 1ClickFactory, we were able to not only shorten the development time for this project in a good way but also bring the product to market much faster than developing it in-house," says Peter Thorstensson at ECL Connect. "As 1ClickFactory could quickly deliver this project at an attractive price, our decision to use their development resources was relatively easy. We will definitely use 1ClickFactory in development projects in the future," adds Mr. Thorstensson.

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