Partner Case Story, 2014

“1ClickFactory’s Dataport to XML port transformation service allowed me to start offering services to my customers that I wasn’t offering before. The fact that I can offer them for a reasonable price makes it even better.” – Tom Wickstrom, President of TCB Services Inc.

Business Needs

Tom Wickstrom, President of TCB Services Inc. (TCB), is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant who has been around since the days of Avista. With over 16 years of experience, Wickstrom has mastered enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, project management, technical consulting, development and, most so, he is seen as a highly experienced upgrades resource.

In his upgrade projects, Wickstrom has been unable to provide dataport to XMLport transformations because it is a new technology he doesn’t have time to learn; he’s a busy guy. Turning down this part of his project meant his customers had to find other resources, thus complicating the project. That wasn’t ideal for him either, as it didn’t fall in line with his service goals.

In an effort to provide a complete offering, Wickstrom tried outsourcing to other companies. This worked, but there can be miscommunication in scope or expectations when using email so this required meetings at odd hours. If issues were found, resolution typically takes multiple days of back and forth communication. “If a Partner decides to outsource services, the time difference usually slows down the work process,” states Wickstrom. Outsourcing was still not meeting his service goals.


Wickstrom attended the Directions conference in Nashville, TN last fall and spoke with 1ClickFactory about a service they created to perform the transformation in an automated way. Wickstrom jumped at the chance to trial the services. “Dataport transformation is something I need to do but don’t have time to learn.” He was offered vouchers to trial the service at no charge so there was little risk in exploring the idea.

Wickstrom registered on the Partner Zone and uploaded his first dataport files. He pushed submit button and moments later he had an estimate, by dataport, listing the cost to transform and any outstanding manual tasks. Wickstrom was able to use the vouchers as payment and download transformed reports in no time. While he had a few manual tasks remaining, overall all the heavy lifting was done for him. All completed in the time it takes to get a fresh cup of coffee.

Wickstrom was satisfied with the results and decided to start using it in live projects. “I had a big upgrade project coming up and I wanted to deliver the dataports upgrade piece too,” explains Wickstrom. He was able to estimate the project with little investment and provide a full upgrade offering to his partner. In the end, he got the deal.


For this project, Wickstrom sent 60 dataports to the 1ClickFactory Partner Zone for transformation. They were ready in 20 minutes. “I can only say ‘wow’, I definitely can’t do that. No human can do that!” he exclaims. “Now I am able to offer it at a very reasonable price. So far everybody that I have quoted has accepted and everything went just great.” So, why transform Dataports manually when you can use 1ClickFactory’s automated transformation service in less time and for less money?

According to Wickstrom, there is no other company in the market providing a fast and efficient service that helps Partners build XMLports based on Dataport structures, including properties and C/AL code used in Dataports. The service creates new XMLports with the outcomes that match the old Dataports. Wickstrom’s customers did not have any comments after testing, except to say that everything was working well. Wickstrom was pleased.

Since tasks are performed automatically, as opposed to manually, it reduces the risk of errors or missing elements. The 1ClickFactory Dataport transformation service frees developers from hours of manual work allowing them to focus on other important aspects of the upgrade process. “I learned two things while using this service,” says Wickstrom. “First, I can do Dataport to XML port conversion. But – here comes the second thing – my time is valuable, and I can work on other things while the transformation tool does the conversion for a very reasonable price.” An online service means availability when needed, across all time zones. Wickstrom can work on projects whenever and wherever he needs.

“1ClickFactory’s dataport transformation service helped me tremendously,” says Wickstrom. “It is a skill that I don’t currently have. The fact that 1ClickFactory provides an online service for Partners is just fantastic!” Tom Wickstrom, TCB Services Inc.

“In general, the experience I’ve had working with 1ClickFactory is very satisfactory. People are always available and ready to help, and the quality of work has been fantastic,” says Wickstrom. When asked if he would recommend 1ClickFactory to other Partners, he said, “I already have!”

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