Partner Case Story, 2014

The 1ClickFactory report transformation service is simple and easy to use. Reports are converted quickly, and the time saved versus manually transforming the reports is staggering! With fantastic support staff to answer queries and excellent documentation on the manual efforts involved to complete the transformation process, we can’t see why all NAV Partners with a reasonable volume of reports to transform aren’t using this service.” - Adrian Akers, Technical Services Director at Touchstone in Jersey


Touchstone’s Jersey-based operation focuses solely on developing, supplying, and implementing trust and fund software for the wealth management industry. Its fiduciary and fund administration software has been developed using Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology. At Touchstone, the aim is to help businesses in the wealth management industry increase operational efficiency and reduce administration costs. In terms of development, 1ClickFactory is brilliant in efficiency. Therefore, when it was time to convert the company’s many Classic reports, Touchstone was thrilled to discover 1ClickFactory’s transformation services.

Touchstone has one of the most widely developed and customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions in the NAV World, with thousands of objects and hundreds of reports; moving the Classic Client to NAV 2013 R2 was always going to be a big task.

“Report conversion is one of those tasks where we aren’t as proficient in RDLC as we are in core NAV development,” says Adrian Akers, Technical Services Director at Touchstone in Jersey. “The time involved in converting the reports was part of the critical path on our project plan. The discovery of 1ClickFactory’s RDLC transformation service meant that we could continue on the project plan, on-time and on budget.”

Akers confirmed that the skill sets needed to upgrade NAV reports are present within the organization, but it would require further time than was available for those developers to become experts in upgrading reports to the same level they are in NAV.

“We had considered outsourcing this work or employing a contract developer, but that always comes with extra costs and often difficulties,” says Akers. “The use of the 1Click Cloud-based transformation service was the perfect solution for us.” Just a few days after learning about 1ClickFactory’s transformation services at the NAV TechDays conference, Touchstone decided to start testing the services, quickly buying clicks and intensively using 1ClickFactory‘s online tools.

User Experience and Partner Benefits

Akers was pleasantly surprised after trying out the transformation service on Partner Zone because it was so easy to use. According to him, the web interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to learn; exactly what you need when using a new online platform. And he liked our help, too. “1ClickFactory‘s support has been very good and well tracked, without me needing to chase issues,” says Akers.

“To launch such a service was a very clever idea, given that report upgrades are very relevant and can be a real pain for developers,” says Akers. “1ClickFactory tools are perfect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners seeking to convert their Classic reports to the new RDLC layouts.”

Another thing that fascinated Akers was the speed and efficiency of the transformation, as well as the very detailed output of the steps which needed to be followed to finalize the transformation. “The service expedited our report transformation and saved us a vast amount of time and effort. We have achieved consistent, understandable, and measurable results,” says Akers.

In addition, 1ClickFactory’s Partner Zone helped to fill in some knowledge gaps for Touchstone developers. In some ways, it acted as a training aid for them to understand the report conversion process and quickly see the end results.

Feedback on pricing and saved time

Based on Akers’ calculations, he believes that 1ClickFactory‘s transformation service helped the company save over six months of time, compared to having to convert the reports manually. He definitely agrees with our calculations, which state that “1 click equals 15 minutes of an experienced developer‘s time.”

“I also think that this monetary unit of clicks is a good idea. It is easy to understand and subsequently relate to management when justifying the spend on 1ClickFactory services,” says Akers. ”I would definitely recommend 1ClickFactory’s transformation services to other Partners.”

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