Partner Case Story, 2014


Microsoft has released its updated Registered Solution Program (RSP), which gives Partners the right to develop and distribute add-on applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 business software. If you are not registered with the program, you cannot create an add-on. And, even if you are registered, if your add-on is not certified for Microsoft Dynamics you have to pay a significant fee for the assigned object range (list of things developed). Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is available for purchase for new customers until June 2014, so ISVs have the possibility to sell their add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 until then and avoid signing the Registered Solution Program Addendum (RSPA). But what happens to these businesses after June 2014? At that time, companies will have to certify their solutions if they want to keep selling NAV add-ons and to avoid Microsoft’s fees for assigned objects.

Registered Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) or signed up to become CfMD are given 12 months to prove that the solution is compatible with NAV 2013, and have 24 months from the sign-up date to become CfMD. Once a Partner decides to offer its ISV Registered Solution on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 using the reserved objects range and certification, the company might face challenges such as keeping track of all certification requirements or minimizing internal efforts when managing this complex process. That’s where 1ClickFactory specialists can help. One of our Norwegian Partners, EG NaviCom – which belongs to EG Group, Europe's largest Microsoft Dynamics Partner – decided to take advantage of 1ClickFactory CfMD Assistance services. The company’s leadership was not disappointed.

“Our solution is dedicated to project-oriented businesses. We are owned by EG in Denmark which have their own solutions for project-oriented businesses. We decided to create a joint Scandinavian solution,” explains Arnfinn Berg, Department Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV at EG NaviCom. “Being solution certified saves a lot of money. That was the main reason we wanted to get certified.” EG in Denmark serves about three thousand customers, so the savings from certification is significant.

When EG NaviCom decided to certify its solution, a meeting with Microsoft illuminated the whole CfMD process. It didn’t take long for EG NaviCom to realize that this is a large and complicated project, and that the company would need some help. “The Microsoft people told us that 1ClickFactory has CfMD Assistance services,” says Berg. “Since we already knew about your company, it seemed right to choose you.”


1ClickFactory has a three step program for ISV solution certification. We help each Partner build a plan for CfMD and identify the gaps; we assist with preparations for the VeriTest verification; and finally, we communicate with VeriTest to get the solution validated.

Using 1ClickFactory’s CfMD Assistance is beneficial for Partners because we know the whole process and we manage the whole project, including some of the most time-consuming steps like documentation preparation, communication with VeriTest support, and filling in CfMD templates. ”It was very easy to work with 1ClickFactory. The CfMD project manager did an excellent job – she guided us in the right direction, she took care of communication with VeriTest, and she pushed us forward when we were holding back,” says Mr. Berg. “We really couldn’t have handled it by ourselves.”


One of the main benefits a Partner gets from CfMD assistance is time: there is significant time saved, and the certification is completed on time. “If we had started without 1ClickFactory, I would have had to do the work that 1ClickFactory’s CfMD project manager did. We wouldn’t have finished the project, because I simply wouldn’t have had time for all of that,” states Mr. Berg.

Another major benefit is that 1ClickFactory specialists understand the entire certification process, so the Partner does not need to learn it from scratch. According to Mr. Berg, EG NaviCom would have been delayed if its employees had to learn the whole process by themselves. “From what I know about the process now, if we hadn’t hired 1ClickFactory to work on the certification project, we wouldn’t be close to validation yet.”

What’s more, Partners get smooth communication and a clear plan detailing what needs to be done, ensuring a fluid project from start to finish. “The communication from 1ClickFactory was excellent, and we had no problems during the whole project. The process was very well organized,” says Mr. Berg. EG NaviCom started with a kick-off workshop in the 1ClickFactory office, after which the CfMD project manager had weekly meetings with the Partner to discuss the project plan and what needed to be done during the week ahead. ”We worked very well together, and the project was delivered according to our expectations,” says Mr. Berg. “I would definitely recommend 1ClickFactory’s CfMD services.”

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