Partner Assessment is an independent Microsoft Dynamics Partner evaluation. The goal is to provide Partners with key insights into business areas that can be improved in order to become more competitive, productive, and profitable.

Recently, we conducted a Partner Assessment for Softera Baltic, one of our MS Dynamics Partners in Lithuania. We asked the managers of Softera to evaluate how the Partner Assessment process worked and the results it delivered. We have summarized their feedback here.

It is typically not easy for a third party to evaluate the performance of your company. Why were you interested in using 1ClickFactory’s Partner Assessment services?

Managing Director Tomas Kazokas: “As managing director, I wanted to keep Softera open to new ideas, new opportunities, and new challenges. It’s a normal practice for us to have a relationship with other companies and to invite experts from other fields to get feedback from different perspectives.”

Shareholder and SOFT4 Product Manager Kestutis Skrodenis: “Over the past few years Softera has grown extremely fast, which always results in specific problems. In order to reduce the pressure on employees, we decided to step back and invite someone from the outside to evaluate how we were doing and what we should change in order to become a stronger company.”

CRM Department Manager Andrius Darulis: “Sometimes it is difficult to see new possibilities and areas of improvement from the inside. An independent evaluation can provide an external opinion about your performance compared to best practices in other companies. That is why I thought an assessment would be helpful to us.”

Why did you choose 1ClickFactory to run this report for you?

Managing Director Tomas Kazokas: “There was more than one reason for choosing 1ClickFactory. When starting Softera, we had a vision of building it as a strong international company. It is very different if you are running a local versus international company, so we wanted to invite international experts who are familiar with global best practices to have a look at how we were doing and give feedback on our progress as well as potential. 1ClickFactory was a very good option for us: it is an internationally managed company with huge experience in Dynamics business, and yet not a competitor. The other reason was Microsoft and its new business opportunities (Cloud offering, new solutions to add to portfolio, etc). Even though many opportunities interested us, it was quite clear that we needed to focus on the strategic. Strategic decisions are neither easy nor cheap. 1ClickFactory leader Soren Fink-Jensen has extensive experience in the software industry and deep Microsoft knowledge, and he was the perfect candidate to consult on our strategic priorities.”

“We decided it was the right time to stop and reconsider business priorities and opportunities. We were looking for a third party who had a deep knowledge of running a Dynamics business internationally, and yet was not a competitor, to help us uncover new business opportunities. That’s when we thought of 1ClickFactory.” – Tomas Kazokas

Shareholder Kęstutis Skrodenis: “In addition to the reasons mentioned by Tomas, I personally was convinced I wanted 1ClickFactory to run an Assessment evaluation for us after receiving very good feedback and a strong recommendation from another Partner who had run this report for their company.”

Were your expectations met?

General Manager Tomas Kazokas: “After being introduced to the Assessment report, I realized the timing was excellent for us: some of the recommendations pointed out very clearly that we are about to face problems if we don’t start solving some on-going issues right away, even if they are not hurting us yet. So I am truly satisfied we are discussing these issues now and not when it is too late.”

“My expectations were exceeded after seeing the list of recommendations specifically built for us. We have already started to implement some improvements. This will make our business performance more fluent.” – Kestutis Skrodenis

Shareholder Kestutis Skrodenis: “I was only expecting to receive feedback in areas where our business performance does not confirm the theory. And I was really surprised by the list of provided recommendations: they were specifically built for our company and very concrete. So the outcome considerably exceeded my expectations.”

Marketing Manager Vaida Kepežinskienė: “Research on people shows that buying behavior has changed dramatically in recent years, and all marketing activities should reflect this. I was looking forward to receiving third party input on how we could become more successful in what we do. The recommendations I received were very useful, and we are already trying to adopt some of them in our company. This is exactly what I was looking for.”

CRM Department Manager Andrius Darulis: “There were plenty of best practices provided and I really enjoyed the professional attitude of 1ClickFactory.”

How would you describe the Assessment Report that was delivered to you?

Managing Director Tomas Kazokas: “The greatest value of the Assessment Report will be felt once we bring the recommendations to life. And this depends only on us: we have made a list of prioritized items and step by step we are going to move forward, assuring the recommendations do not only live on paper.”

CRM Department Manager Andrius Darulis: “The Assessment Report gave us an overview of the whole company‘s situation and helped us look at everything in a structured way. Based on the recommendations, we set the right direction and started moving forward. Now we have a more clear vision of future improvements, which will help to improve the whole company‘s performance. The recommendations in the report were very accurate.”

BI Manager Algirdas Kepezinskas: “This Assessment Report was the best way to do a self-check.”

Would you recommend such an Assessment to other Partners?

General Manager Tomas Kazokas “I definitely would recommend this Assessment to others. Especially if they are dreaming, like we do, to build and run a great and progressive company.”

Shareholder Kestutis Skrodenis: “I would agree with Tomas. Of course, different Partners might find different reasons to request such an evaluation. For us, it was the growth of the company and the need to stop and think. For Partners that are in the situation where shareholders can’t agree on some strategic decisions, such an evaluation would be very useful, too.”

Senior Consultant Adas Šliteris: “Any Partner requesting this service must realize that the company needs to change, and they should be open to receive recommendations.”

About Microsoft Dynamics Partner Softera Baltic

"If you are facing growth in your Dynamics business, if you realize you need to change something but are not sure what, if you would like to uncover new opportunities, if you would like to consult before making a strategic decision - consider running a Partner Assessment" - Softera Managers Team

Softera Baltic is a member of the worldwide Tectura Strategic alliance network, which consists of a number of highly competent and ERP experienced Microsoft Certified Partners. Softera Baltic implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Business Intelligence (BI) systems. During the last several years, Softera has grown at a considerable rate, which increased the need to assess the company’s performance and to plan the direction of future business activities. Reflecting on this situation, Softera Baltic requested a Partner Assessment from 1ClickFactory PDC.

Partner Assessment process:

The key to a successful Partner Assessment is cooperation between the Microsoft Dynamics Partner’s management team and 1ClickFactory business leaders.

1. A Partner Assessment is requested by completing a Partner Assessment Request (questionnaire).
2. There is a ½ - 1 day assessment meeting at the office of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner.
3. 1ClickFactory delivers a Partner Assessment Report presentation to the Partner’s management team or board, and helps them build a business improvement plan draft.Partner Assessment is requested by filling Partner Assessment Request (Questionnaire).

The Partner Assessment report is conducted by Søren Fink-Jensen, an international leader with a strategic and visionary approach to leadership. For most of his career Søren has been responsible for working with Microsoft Partners to increase their growth and profitability. He ran a Microsoft Dynamics Partner company (Navision Solution Center) from 1989 to 1995. As a business consultant he has deep experience with change management processes. He was very involved at the leadership level of running the merger between Damgaard and Navision Software, as well as many other change processes in the seven years he spent as a leader at Navision.

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