Partner Case Story, 2012


Blue solutions is a Microsoft-certified partner that works to optimize their client's business processes via software solutions and consulting services. The company has extensive experience implementing highly sophisticated and large-scale Microsoft Dynamics projects in Lithuania and abroad. In 2010, Blue solutions acquired the Dynamics AX business unit of another leading Microsoft Dynamics company in the Baltics and greatly expanded their market share.

Blue Solution's acquisition of the MS Dynamics AX business unit and continued rapid sales growth presented management challenges. The company was looking for a business development partner to help optimize its management procedures while keeping up with growing demand. Their goals were to avoid overstretching, to define core competencies in the market and to keep a strategic focus on those competencies.


In order to help streamline the business and keep strategically growing in core competency areas Blue solutions chose to partner with the 1ClickFactory Partner Development Center (PDC) for a number of reasons. First of all, 1ClickFactory demonstrated extensive business and technical experience with Microsoft Dynamics Products. 1ClickFactory boasts specialists with an average of 10 years in the Microsoft Dynamics market. In addition, as a Partner Development Center for Eastern and Central Europe, 1ClickFactory PDC had a proven track record helping Dynamics partners build a profitable and growing business around the Microsoft Dynamics products through learning and development activities.

As the first step in the partnership, 1ClickFactory PDC performed a Partner Assessment as a part of its Partner Growth Acceleration Program. 1ClickFactory PDC underwent an extensive analysis of Blue solutions management practices as well as their market activities. 1ClickFactory specialists evaluated and benchmarked the partner on strategy; offerings and value propositions; planning processes, financial management, HR processes and organization, delivery organization, sales effectiveness, marketing processes and results, and finally, systems. According to the partner, the Partner Assessment Report provided by 1ClickFactory PDC gave a number of valuable business insights and presented an in-deep analysis of key internal processes and systems (planning, financial management, HR, marketing, sales, delivery). The report included an evaluation of Blue Solution's strategy with suggestions for increasing growth and profitability, a benchmark against industry KPIs, a review of their readiness to grow, as well as recommendations for a two-year plan program to enhance the performance of the company.


According to Evaldas Kulbokas, Chairman of the Board of Blue solutions, the company found a strategic business development partner in 1ClickFactory PDC that allowed them to accelerate their Microsoft Dynamics business on a strategic level, and keep upgrading their in-house experience on an operational level by participating in valuable trainings provided by 1ClickFactory PDC.

Mr. Kulbokas emphasizes: "As a result of the Partner Assessment, we got an unbiased view of the current situation with our company as well as its market activities. The advice provided by 1ClickFactory PDC now serves as the strategic signposts for the effective management of company's growth and our further business development."

Blue solutions also actively participates in partner knowledge transfer activities provided by 1ClickFactory PDC. To augment its in-house experience, Blue solutions specialists participated in the AX 2012 What's New Technical training, Sure Step training for project managers, as well as international 1ClickFactory conferences focused on partners' growth topics.

Algimantas Brazauskas, director of Blue solutions states, "The trainings provided by 1ClickFactory were well designed in terms of chunking and sequencing, taking everyone's needs into consideration. Our expectations were fully met and the trainers were successful in getting our people enthusiastic about the subjects and communicating the content."

Mr. Kulbokas summarizes, "We were happy to take advantage of the extensive experience and innovative concepts of 1ClickFactory and to put that thinking to work for us in our business."

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