How to Qualify for Click to Future Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program

Click to Future Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program is designed to acknowledge our appreciation and to reward existing 1ClickFactory Partners who have demonstrated business loyalty and commitment during a strategic collaboration, resulting in substantial business outcomes.

Click to Future Program Partners are provided with a set of exclusive 1ClickFactory services’ features and tools, which are designed to help Dynamics Partners drive new business opportunities and grow their Dynamics business.

1ClickFactory Partners must meet certain criteria to become eligible to join the 1ClickFactory Partner Loyalty & Appreciation Program and to avail of the associated rewards and benefits. Part of the criteria involves Partners reaching a particular revenue band, achieved through the repeat purchase of 1ClickFactory software services and demonstration of clear intent for strategic, long-term cooperation with 1ClickFactory.

The Program member selection process happens twice a year for eligible 1ClickFactory Partners; prior to May 1st and prior to November 1st each year.

The Click to Future Partner Program is designed as a long-term program and we intend to review and adjust the rewards & benefits provided at the end of each program year to ensure it remains relevant and valuable to Program Partners.

If you would like more details, please contact our local representatives in your region.