Transferrable Skills & Benefits

You will learn how to develop on one for the most popular business solutions worldwide (including in Lithuania), Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You will gain knowledge of the application, but most importantly learn how to work in the development environment called C/SIDE. This includes using the application language C/AL and the report writing language RDLC (also used in Microsoft SQL). In addition, we will introduce you to project management and requirement analysis methodologies.

Applying Theory to Practice

Studying in the 1ClickFactory Academy on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you will have the opportunity to apply several subject matters you study, including: logic, mathematics, processes and computer languages.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used worldwide (including in Lithuania), which provides you with leading insights into the large market of ERP (or business solutions); one of the most well-paid markets in the IT industry. Finally, the 1ClickFactory Academy is centered around you and your fellow students to facilitate you meeting new people, making new connections and most of all having fun!

Launching Your Career

If you are a top performer at the 1ClickFactory Academy, we will hire you! Once you start with 1ClickFactory you will be given more complex development tasks during a trial period. After passing our internal exam, you will start working with real customer development/upgrade projects. Alternatively, you can start your career with one of our many partners in Lithuania that also work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Once you have acquired more skill and experience you may also work abroad. There is plenty of work in the area of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as it is one of the fastest growing ERP systems in the world.

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