Transferrable Skills & Benefits

You will learn to configure Windows networking systems and become familiar with Azure principles. Additionally, you will learn to install, configure and maintain the most popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) in the world for small and mid-sized companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You will gain knowledge of the application, but most importantly learn how to work in the development environment. We will also introduce you to project management and requirement analysis methodologies.

Applying Theory to Practice

The Cloud is the latest technological trend to run software-as-a-service, rather than buy licenses for it, that has garnered deep investments from the tech-titans of Microsoft, Amazon,Google, etc. To understand how cloud-based software is running behind the scenes, you also need to understand the ERP system it runs, the importance of communicating with ERP end users, and the work of a cloud network administrators, engineers, and support consultants. Studying at the 1ClickFactory Academy with a focus on Microsoft Azure, you will have the opportunity to apply several subject matters you study, including: logic, mathematics and process.  The market for Microsoft Azure is rapidly growing as the thirst for cloud technologies has yet to be quenched. Build your Cloud technology profile and experience by joining the 1ClickFactory Academy to focus on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to launch your career in IT.

Launching Your Career

If you are a top performer at the 1ClickFactory Academy, we will hire you! You will have the opportunity to work in myriad of capacities as a cloud network administrator, engineer or support consultant. Once you start with 1ClickFactory you will be given more complex tasks during a trial period. After passing our internal exam, you will start working with real customer installations.

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