There is a market phenomenon taking place at the moment which is prompting ERP and CRM markets to shift in several ways:

  • Mass commoditisation of IT;
  • Changed buyer behaviour;
  • Decline of average selling price of business applications;
  • Marketing displacing sales in relevance.

These changes that lie ahead for the Microsoft Dynamics partner community requires a significant shift in Partner’s business model. Not necessarily in all cases and situations, but in general one can say that IT suppliers who standardize their offerings more, build more repeatability into their services and build new expertise will be more successful.

Cloud Sure Step, introduced by Microsoft, is aimed to help Partners to create a more repeatable business. The program consists of the following workshops below with the aim to introduce partners with detail set of tools to help them scale the business.

1. Foundation (1 day session):

  • Defining The Partner of the Future – One Microsoft
  • Optimizing Partner Profitability in the Cloud
  • Creating a Differentiated Cloud Solution Set & Value Proposition
  • Building Marketing Muscle
  • Driving Engagement Through Tribal (Industry) Messaging
  • Digital Engagement - Connecting with & Converting Reluctant Prospects
  • Driving Disclosure - Lead Triage & Soft Skills
  • Accelerating the Buying Process
  • Mastering The CSS Sales Assets

2. Integrated sales & Marketing / Altitude (2 days session):

Workshop Overview

This workshop is a part of Cloud SureStep program. Historically, Dynamics sales professionals have sold highly configured on-premise solutions through face to face customer meetings, often with pre-sales resources facilitating both the discovery sessions and product demonstrations.

Unfortunately, buyer behavior has changed radically over the past 5 years leaving many partners with increasing sales costs, declining close ratios and lower margins. The old solution selling model simply does not work in the new world of cloud computing.

To effectively engage with this new buying profile, sales professionals must adjust almost every aspect of their sales process; from how they qualify to how they close; because most, if not all, of the sales process will now be facilitated remotely.

Designed specifically for SMB focused sales professionals, this hands-on training experience explores the dramatic shift in buyer behaviour, then walks participants through an entire accelerated selling cycle, from lead to close.

Workshop Content

Participants who complete the two day Integrated Sales and Marketing Program will understand:

  • Why buyer behavior has changed.
  • How to adjust their selling activities to re-align with the new customer buying cycle;
  • How to identify an accelerated opportunity profile
  • How to remotely facilitate a repeatable sales process
  • How to create a pro-Microsoft/Partner bias early in the prospect buying cycle;
  • How to significantly lower their cost of sales
  • How to overcome prospect objections;
  • How to deliver powerful proposal presentations to Business Decision Makers

Workshop Outcomes

Participants will leave the workshop with a complete set of personalized sales assets that can be immediately applied to existing opportunities. These tools include e-mail and voicemail templates, demonstration plans, objection responses, proposal presentations and more.

What do our Partners say?

"The workshop provided a very clear and structured approach to sales. I am taking many ideas with me that I will start applying, and I have no doubt they will improve our sales process." Andrius Darulis, CRM Department Manager, Softera Baltic, Lithuania.

"I found the workshop to be very beneficial for our company. It provided a structured approach on how market potential and threats versus strengths of our products and know-how should be investigated and evaluated. During the Focal Point workshop, we designed an action plan to help us bring our company to the era of Repeatable Business." Ovidiu Teodorescu, Marketing and Presales Manager, NET BRINEL SA, Romania.

"After being in the Dynamics world for more than 15 years, I realized that if we wanted our company to move forward, something had to change. Old ways of selling simply do not work anymore. We need focus and the ability to accelerate sales. The workshop met my expectations completely." Tomas Kazokas, Managing director, Softera Baltic, Lithuania.

"It was a very good workshop. I renewed my sales process knowledge, and now I hope we can train our Partners in Hungary on the repeatable selling skills." Attila Oros, Microsoft NAV Field Sales, Master VAR, HRP Europe Kft, Hungary.

"The presented objection handling technique left the biggest impression of the training. It had been deeply emphasized that a more professional attitude toward negative customers’ objections will help to shorten the sales cycle." Šarūnas Čertokas, Customer Manager, New Vision Baltic, Lithuania.

"The workshop is very much focused on Repeatable Business, a topic that is absolutely new in our market. Even though our company is not on the road to repeatability yet, the workshop definitely represents world trends. Every company should start preparing for the changes if they want to stay on the market." Vladan Petrovic, Co-owner, NPS, Serbia.

"When we released Soft4 verticals for the financial services sector, it looked like the whole world was in front of us and we just needed to start selling. But the questions “whom to sell to?” and “how to sell it?” in the era of well-educated and informed prospects are more challenging to answer than ever. The workshop was an eye opener for me, and now I am excited to meet the challenges." Ugnė Kontarė, Business Development Manager, Softera Baltic, Lithuania.

"There are two key things I am taking out of the workshop. First, the traditional Solution Selling Process doesn’t work for SMB business, and you have to educate your sales people so that they know the difference and are prepared to execute accelerated sales. Second, the email and presentation templates provided during the training are great tools for newly hired sales people." Apolinaras Skikunas, Business Development Manager, New Vision Baltic, Lithuania.

These workshops can be conducted in a one-to-few format tailored for your specific internal company needs. Interested? Request workshop!